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June 2, 2022 - Michael Weinstein
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Daily Archives: June 2, 2022

Some Details in the Estate Settlement Process

Whether you need to appoint someone to be the executor of your own estate, or whether you have been chosen as the executor of someone else’s estate, it is important think about the complexity of the task and the order in which you will complete it. The responsibilities of an Executor can include: Contacting the funeral home and making arrangements, Communicating with family members, local businesses, and agencies, Organizing and creating a schedule for what needs to happen and when it must be done. It is easy to overlook essential details if you do not have a clear plan or professional guidance. Death Certificates/Legal Notices Immediately upon someone’s death, it is necessary to acquire a legal pronouncement of the death from either the decedent’s hospital, nursing facility, or hospice care in the home. Eventually, death certificates, which are most often obtained from a funeral home, will need to be sent

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