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Living Wills & Health Care Proxies

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Living Wills & Health Care Proxies

What is a Living Will?

A Living Will provides that if you are terminally ill or injured, your doctor or other healthcare providers should withhold or remove medical treatment.

What is a Health Care Proxy?

A Health Care Proxy designates a person to make your health care decisions for you if you are unconscious or otherwise unable to communicate your own decisions.

How Are These Different from a Living Trust? A Living Trust, also known as an "Inter Vivos Trust," is a written agreement which provides for the management and disposition of whatever property or assets you transfer to the Trust during your lifetime, and upon your death. A Living Trust provides for disposition of your property at your death in the same manner as through a will. A Living Trust may be revocable or irrevocable. Call the Law Office of Michael D. Weinstein for a free consultation. Located in Tarrytown, NY, close to White Plains, Westchester County, near Putnam and Rockland Counties. Serving the entire metro-NY area  

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